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How to buy my books

For all Angus and Robertson/Harper Collins books, go to the Harper Collins website and type in the book you want and that page should have a link to an online store where you can buy either the book and/or the e-book. This will usually be at Booktopia.


But once you know the name, publisher and author of the book you want - or even part of the name and the author- any good book store is able to order the book for you. There is nothing like browsing through a book shop, finding books you never guessed existed an subjects you never knew were fascinating. It’s like 1,000 journeys rolled into one without the packing and mosquitos.

Bookshops need customers to keep going, both financially and to know how much they are loved and valued. Try to have a mooch through a bookshop at least once a month. If you can never afford to buy anything, take them a bunch of flowers for the counter now and then.

P.S. If you don’t have a garden, keep an eye out for a gardener weeding, and ask if you can have a single rose/waratah for the bookshop.


P.P.S. This goes double for your local library.

For Gardening Books contact:


The Good Life Book Club

Email 03 5424 1814

Fax: 03 5424 1743

Addresss: PO BOX 2 Trentham VIC 3458


(Postage depends on amount of books)


(They don't have all my books listed at any one time but they'll order any of my books from any of the publishers for you).


Booksellers can contact Aird Books (publishers of most of the gardening books) at

PO Box 1116 Carlton Victoria 3053

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