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Pete the Sheep

Sean is a shearer, and instead of a sheepdog to help him, he's got a sheep sheep – Pete. After being rejected by the other shearers and their dogs, Sean and Pete set up a sheep salon in town. Sheep from everywhere arrive to have their wool shorn in the latest style, and even the shearers' dogs end up arriving for a cut in order to look gorgeous. 

Some notes on the book:

Pete was a black sheep called Dunmore, who herded all our other sheep into the shearing shed in return for a milk arrowroot biscuit and a scratch behind his horns. (He'd go all dribbly and weak at the knees when you scratched him).

Back in the drought in the late 70's, when there was no grass for sheep to eat and no money to buy hay for them, a friend and I came up with a cunning plan. We'd give a sheep to every preschool in Australia! And then we'd make a living going around each preschool giving the sheep really cool hair cuts...

Luckily it rained before we put our plan into action. But many year later, this is where the story of 'the sheep with a plan' came from.

Monkey Baa Theatre have created a production of Pete the Sheep, find out more here.

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