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If there's just a chance of ants,

Millie's nose will do its dance.'


But just why does Millie the echidna adore ants?

This is the story of Gallipoli as seen from Anzac cove; the story of that beach, where thousands died and legends were born.

A very funny story about the most famous underwear in the British Empire ....

Something strange is happening at the palace and the dogs can't work it out. the cooks are busy... are royal visitors arriving? Mysterious parcels are arriving. And most curious of all... what is that tree doing in Prince Albert's study?​

Once upon a time, deep underground, there was a colony of wonderfully whiskery wombats who all had hairy noses. They lived in the only home for Hairy-nosed Wombats in the world. Could there ever be another home for Hairy-noses?

Charlie's gold

A story for 5-10 year olds about peaches, gold and bushrangers.

Burt and the band

A pretty disgusting picture book for early readers about a farting cow.

There's An Echidna at the bottom of my garden

This is a true story about George the echidna, who likes ants and termites but not the smell of gum boots.

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