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General Fiction

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Mike is just like any other normal kid - he lives with his mum in an ordinary house, in a small town, where nothing unusual ever happens. His next-door neighbour is Lance Loosley, a boy who's known at school as 'Loser' because he's so unpopular. But one day at school, Loser is pushed too far by the other kids. this time the humiliation and teasing is too much, and Loser seeks revenge...To find out more, click here.

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Mind's Eye

A collection of five longish short stories... as the blurb says - 'in the mind's eye anything can happen - from a blind singer who sees songs in the wind, a lonely bunyip who only wants one thing for Christmas, a boy who watches... but finds he is watched in turn...’.

The final story is based on my Grandmother's memories of the 1919 influenza epidemic, when schools and churches were closed and the adults all either ill or tending the sick. She and her brother rode around the farms on their bicycles to tend the animals, through a land deserted by people, with only the cows bawling to be milked, the lonely dogs, the hens that may not have been fed for days or weeks. The 1919 epidemic is an almost forgotten part of Australian history - so many people died, but it was overshadowed by WW1 - and when it was over people only wanted to forget.

Alien games

Five sci-fi stories with a difference

The Roo That Won the Melbourne Cup

A book about a roo and the Melbourne Cup and Aunty Mugg, who'd always dared to be just a bit different.

Annie's pouch

A book about the strange and special friendship of a girl and a wallaby, a wombat and the other creatures near her farm.


CBC Notable Book

The Boy who had wings

I wrote this in the days when I still went caving and wondered what an intelligent cave living species might be like.

The Children of the Valley series

A series of five books based many years in the future. To read more about them, click here.

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