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The Matilda Saga

The story of our country, and a love song to our land, told by the strong women who forged a nation

Last Dingo Summer.jpeg

Under the burnt timber of the church, the police have found the body of Merv Ignatious, the man who so viciously attacked Jed Kelly when she was fifteen, and tried to kill her and her unborn child in last year's bushfire.

And also in the church, lie skeletons from many years ago.

Clancy of the Overflow.jpg

The final book in the magnificent Matilda Saga, this is a book about the many kinds of love. Clancy's love of the bush, immortalised in Paterson's poem. Nancy's deep understanding of her country, and her need to pass it on. But perhaps the most moving love story of all was the one that never happened, between Matilda O'Halloran and Clancy of the Overflow.

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