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Historical Fiction

 History matters. If history didn’t matter then John Howard would have had no problem saying ‘sorry,’and the Japanese Prime minister wouldn’t need to deny that prisoners of war were forced to work in Japanese brothels. History explains why our world is like it is.


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thought-provoking and intriguing reinterpretations of Shakespeare's most classic and enduring plays 

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Australian history as it’s never been written before- eight books that tell the ‘story’ of Australia, from the days of giant megafauna to the man indigenous nations, right up to 2010.

Set in ancient Mycenae, Thetis, acrobat a girl who is plucked from her village to become a performer at the court of the Mycenaean King.

Picture Books  

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when the War is Over with Anne Spudvilas

War may never truly end, but there can be homecomings.

Created from a poem, When the War is Over doesn't focus on one particular war, but covers a wide period from WW1 to current-day peacekeeping around the world and highlights important aspects to draw in readers.

A Beach Called Gallipoli with Bruce Whatley 

A hundred years ago, Australians and New Zealanders landed at Anzac Cove, in Turkey.

This is the story of Gallipoli as see from the cove; the story of that beach, where thousands died and legends were born.


A Day to Remember with Mark Wilson

Anzac Day is the day when we remember and honour Anzac traditions down the ages, from the first faltering march of wounded veterans in 1916 to the ever increasing numbers of their descendants who march today. 

CYCLONE with Bruce Whatley 

Christmas Eve 1974 is remembered as the night tropical Cyclone Tracy devastated the city of Darwin. Now, over 40 years later, this book tells the story of a city's indomitable spirit and shows the powerful force of the storm.

flood with Bruce Whatley 

Inspired by the Queensland floods, Flood is a moving and sensitive story of a natural disaster as seen through the honest eyes of a cattle dog that has been separated from his family. 

FIRE with Bruce Whatley 

Inspired by the bushfires that have affected many Australians, Fire is a moving and sensitive story of a natural disaster as seen through the eyes of a cockatoo.  The fire mercilessly engulfs homes and land, leaving a devastating path of destruction.But from the ruins, courage,kindness and new life grows.


drought with Bruce Whatley 

From the creators of Flood, Fire and Cyclone comes Drought a moving story about the devastating effects drought has on many Australians and their farms.

The Tomorrow Book

with Sue DeGennaro

A timely picture book about a young prince who is determined to rule over a country where the future is filled with environmental hope - and practical solutions, such as common usage of solar and wind power. Lively, fun and positive, this book serves to give young people information about their world and shows them that a lot of environmental solutions are simple and relatively easy to put in place.

Historical Non-Fiction

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To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first manned Moon landing, Bryan and Jackie have revisited this book to reflect on the enormous strides that technology has made since this book was first published in 2004

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 a fascinating and fresh interpretation of Australian history, focusing on how the land itself, rather than social forces, has shaped the major events that led to modern Australia

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The most important things to learn from history are how people once lived and thought and how that has led to the world we know today. And one of the most interesting ways of understanding history is to look at what we eat.

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