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School for Heroes Series

Illustrated by Andrea Potter

This is the first in the new series, A School for Heroes, and it’s funny, made even more so by Andrea Potter’s fabulous drawings of the Ghastly Greedle and Gloria the Gorgeous (Gloria’s not just gorgeous, she’s drop dead gorgeous. Or she was 80 years ago. But, hey, it’s nothing that a bit more lipstick can’t fix.) Andrea’s Dr Mussels – he’s a headmaster, a monkey and can do fearsome things with a well-thrown banana – is on the cover. 

The School for Heroes is located in a volcano (the heat is good for their arthritis), staffed by the retired heroes from Rest in Pieces – old heroes never die, they simply rest in pieces. And for Boojum Bark, student hero and werewolf, there’s a lot to discover.
Where is the library hiding today?

Exactly what is Boo Fu, taught by Mrs Kerfuffle, the librarian, who’s deadly with a well-thrown dictionary? Why does Princess Sunshine Caresse von Pewke get so upset when Boo sniffs her bum? How do you face giant Rabbits, Trrroooolls, Ogres and other Bogeys armed only with a zombie sausage? What does the mysterious Yesterday want with the school garbage?
And where do flying pigs get their little jumpers?


‘Lessons for a Werewolf Warrior’ is a big book. There are lots of hilarious short books around.  But the trouble with a short book is that just when you are really getting into it, it stops.  If kids can find a two and a half hour movie fascinating, why not a big book? Often it’s the big books – the entrancing ones that kids don’t want to stop reading – that really turn a reluctant reader into a book guzzler. A short book can be a giggle for a while – and it’s tempting when you don’t like reading and you’re told you have to read a book. But the books kids read, and then reread, are usually the long ones.

‘Lessons for a Werewolf Warrior’ is crammed full of universes, where Rabbits are deadly predators (almost as bad as budgies) and fairies bite and zombie spaghetti may be the most fearsome weapon of them all.

Illustrated by Andrea Potter

The sequel to ‘Lessons for a Werewolf Warrior’ continues the crazy adventures of Boo, werewolf and hero-in-the-making!

Boo’s back… in another crazy adventure of Heroes, dinosaurs and the most fearsome weapon in the universes… the zombie sausage!

Boojum Bark, werewolf puppy and student Hero, is about to do what no Hero has done before – go into the scariest universe of them all, the Ghastly Otherwhen, rescue his mum and come back alive.

And he’ll need help from his friends: mysterious Yesterday, gorgeous Princess Princess Sunbeam Caresse of Pewké, Mugg, the down-to-earth Zombie, and Squeak the warrior mouse.
But the Ghastly Otherwhen isn’t what Boo expects! And his friends start acting strangely, too…
What is the bond between Yesterday and her dinosaurs? Why won’t she let Boo rescue her from slavery? Can Mugg really be as dumb as he looks or are Zombies smart in Zombie ways? And could Princess Princess be an actual Hero underneath her cowardly exterior?


The bogeys are scarier – and the food is grosser than ever! And illustrator Andrea Potter’s dinosaurs are the best in the universes.

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