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Shakespeare Series

She is the girl who will be queen: Ophelia, daughter of Denmark's Lord Chancellor and loved by Prince Hamlet. But while Hamlets family stab, poison or haunt one another, Ophelia plans a sensible rule, one filled with justice and the making of delicious cheeses, even if she has to pretend to be mad to make it happen, Ophelia will let nothing, not even howling ghosts, stand in her way.

This is Shakespeares play, but with what might also have happened behind the scenes. And this story has a happy ending.


Part comedy, part love story, the threads of Shakespeare's life drawn from his plays. 

Could the world's greatest writer truly put down his pen forever to become a gentleman?


He was a boy who escaped small town life to be the most acclaimed playwright of the land. A lover whose sonnets still sing 400 years later; a glover's apprentice who became a gentleman.


But was he happy with his new riches? Who was the woman he truly loved?


The world knows the name of William Shakespeare. This book reveals the man - lover, son and poet.

Based on new documentary evidence, as well as textual examination of his plays, this fascinating book gives a tantalising glimpse at what might have been: the other hands that helped craft those plays, the secrets that must ever be hidden but - just possibly - may now be told.

I didn't mean to do it.

Annie is not a witch, but when her mistress Lady Macbeth calls for a potion to 'stiffen Macbeth's sinews', Annie is caught up in plots that lead to murder, kingship and betrayal. Annie must choose between Rab the Blacksmith and Murdoch, Thane of Greymouth, ultimately discovering where her loyalty lies.


A searing story of passion, betrayal, battles and love, this is Shakespeare's Macbeth stripped of superstition, and its power and beauty refined into fewer words where good balances the evil and there is a happy ending - for some.

Following on from Ophelia, Queen of Denmark and I am Juliet, this is the third title in the series for young people that focuses on the reinterpretation of Shakespeare's classic and enduring plays.

My Name is Not Peaseblossom.jpg

A fresh reinterpretation of A Midsummer Night's Dream by the Australian Children's Laureate


His name is Fairy Peaseblossom, but he'd rather be known as Pete.


Pete prefers pizza to sugar plums - and wants to choose his own life too. But how can he when his role is to serve the fairy queen, Titania?


This is Shakespeare's delightful comedy A Midsummer Night's Dream reinterpreted with an army of Amazons, a sea serpent and a selkie called Gaela, who luckily for Pete makes the best pizza in the world.


It is also a story of the intrigues of the fairy court, of vampire plots to dominate the world and impossible loves that might just come true. 

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