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The Miss Lily Series

Inspired by true events, this is the story of how society's 'lovely ladies' won a war.


Each year at secluded Shillings Hall, in the English countryside, the mysterious Miss Lily draws around her young women selected from Europe's royal and most influential families. Her girls are taught how to captivate a man in ways that would surprise outsiders. For in 1914, persuading and charming men is the only true power a woman has.

The Great War is over, but is there truly peace? And what of Miss Lily? Can she ever return?

'The story is equal parts Downton Abbey and wartime action, with enough romance and intrigue to make it 100% not-put-down-able.'


-Australian Women's Weekly on Miss Lily's Lovely Ladies

Lilies Lies and Love.jpg

The year is 1936 and the new King Edward VIII wishes to marry divorcee and suspected German agent, Wallis Simpson. The 'red boxes', which are the official and often top-secret material the king must read and sign are neglected for weeks. Some have even been seen in Berlin.

The Lily in the Snow.jpg

1929: Jazz, Parties and an endlessly rising stockmarket. 

But an insignificant politician called Adolf Hitler plans blackmail to snare Miss Lily, her espionage network and the British Royal Family...

Legends of the Lost Lilies.jpg

The fifth and final book in the Miss Lily series, Jackie French tells the story of the remarkable women who have been carefully left out of our war histories: those lost lilies of allied espionage.


From the author of Miss Lily's Lovely Ladies comes a moving and heart-warming story that is perfect for Christmas - and beyond...

Christmas Lilies.jpg

For those who love the Miss Lily series, this is a story about the 'army of women' who played such a major role in World War One, but were left out of official histories. It is also a story of a love so strong it will survive until the chance to bloom again.

Christmas in Paris.jpg

Violette Jones had led a life of melodrama since being born in the middle of a war to an espionage agent. But even she had never had to face a bloodied St Nicholas, and somehow conjure three miracles for Christmas.

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