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Unfortunately, I won't be doing any in-person school visits for a while owing to my huband's illness.
However, I am delighted to do online talks via Zoom, Skype or another platform, about my books, or to give workshops on creative writing, essay writing and persuasive writing. These talks are charged at the standard Australian Society of Authors recommended fee of AUD $350 an hour. These can also be recorded for later use by your students, as long as it's only used for your school. To enquire further, please contact

If you have publicity or media enquiries, please get in touch with Emma Holifield at


Mentoring for Adults

I do a certain amount of free mentoring for early-career writers, but am unable to take on more, except on a professional basis, and it must be done by phone rather than email. The charge is $200 an hour, which applies to the time spent assessing early drafts as well as direct, person-to-person teaching and advice.


A single hour, for example, would cover the basics of beginning to plan and write a book, then there'd be discussion and feedback as your book progresses.


Apologies for adding a charge to this – in the past year I've been spending about five hours each day replying to those who want help writing or publishing, and can no longer do this except on a fee-for-work basis.

Mentoring for Young People

If you need an idea for your story you badly need to think of it yourself. Help from me would mean that you don’t develop the brain ‘muscles’ that will make you a better writer.

Look at the advice elsewhere on the web site.


I can’t help make your story better either, partly because I am a writer, not an editor, but also because there aren’t enough hours in the day to fit it in.

Help Getting Published

I can help teach the basics of writing, editing your work, and research, but I have no influence with publishers that would help to get your work accepted. My only advice is to look at publisher's websites to see their 'pitch day' to see when to send in your book for assessment, and what kind of work they are looking for.

You can also try your local Writer’s Centre, who will have lists of what publishers are looking for in various genres, and can also recommend workshops for editing, re-writing and publishing.

A Plea to Teachers

There seems to be an increasing trend in giving Year 12 students a project where they need to interview a writer in-depth about how and when they write and much more, and have the author give a written response. 


Please don't do this! You're essentially asking the author to spend two to three hours or even days answering the questions – an intense, unpaid teaching session.

I love answering genuine questions from students, or even giving them advice via the phone, but the kind of assignment where the author needs to write tens of pages for the student isn't fair to the student, who usually isn't particularly interested in writing, or the author.

If one of your students genuinely needs advice or guidance, I'd love to help, and without charge.

For all other questions, if you need to get in touch with me directly, please email:


I may take a few weeks to receive mail, as we only have a once-a-week delivery.


I'm no longer able to send written replies to letters or enquiries – there are too many requests for me to manage. If you need a reply, please add a phone number or email address to your letter.

I can send short replies to emails, but not when many parents and teachers have encouraged kids to write to me – I don't employ a secretary to answer my mail and emails, and can manage about 80 a day at most. Comments or even thanks for a copy of your book may also not be possible, no matter how much I adore it, though I will do my best. Apologies: I am only one person, with two tired hands.

Please send any mail to: 


Jackie French

PO Box 63

Braidwood NSW 2622

For urgent enquiries, you may also contact Harper Collins during business hours:


HarperCollins Australia

Lvl 19, 201 Elizabeth Street
(PO Box A565, NSW, 1235)
Sydney NSW 2000

Tel: 02 9952 5000

Permission to Use or Copy Material

Under the conditions of publishing contracts, permission to use or adapt material must be sought from the publishers, not the author. Please contact the publishers rather than myself.  


I'm also not able to give permission for any images to be used, as the artists and the designers who have worked on each book also hold the copyright for their work. They should be contacted directly, as well as the publishers.  


If in doubt about whether you need permission to copy material, phone or email The Copyright Agency for free advice.


I do hold the rights for theatrical or film adaptations of my work, and so can give permission for those.

Book reviews and comments

These can only be arranged through Harper Collins, as there are too many requests for me to handle alone.

Requests for Book Donations and Book Sales

Unlike self-published authors, I need to buy the books I donate, and don't keep boxes of them or sometimes even a single copy of many titles. (Books tend to be borrowed). Boxes of books are also heavy, and I'm now unable to manage ordering them, carrying them, and packing them for donations. Postage is often almost as much as the cost of the books. Please contact Harper Collins above for donation requests.

My contracts also prevent me from selling my books, so even if it was feasible to attend, I can't run a book stall at your event.

Book Plates

Book plates are wonderful stick-on labels that are easy to post, and look good even if my writing is illegible. I can send book plates!

Questions for School Projects

Hopefully all the questions are answered in the About Me—FAQ on the website.

If there’s another question you really need an answer to, send it to: Jackie French c/- Harper Collins Publishers, PO Box A565 Sydney South 1235.

It may take a couple of weeks for me to receive the letter, and another few weeks at least before it can be answered.

Copies for Class Use

I'm sorry, but I'm unable to help when there are not enough copies held in libraries for class use. I don't have any knowledge of library collections, and can't help with finding enough library books for a class to borrow. I know the lack of copies to borrow is a major problem, but it's not one I can solve.

eBooks and Other Editions

Apologies, but I don't know of a way for an eBook copy to be shared by a whole class of students or more. Harper Collins may be able to help with this.


I'm not involved in the various editions of my books, and so can't help find rare editions or out-of-print books, or different ways eBooks might be used.

I'm so sorry – I wish I could help with these, but they aren't areas where authors are normally involved unless their work is self-published.

Audiobooks and Library Loans
Audio editions are handled by Harper Collins and sublicensed to other publishers. You can find out which books are available as audiobooks on my website here, where there are links to purchase or access them online. If it is a newly-published audiobook and not yet up on my website, check online booksellers and eAudiobook service platforms, such as Booktopia, Kobo and Amazon. For library loans you will need to check your library's catalogue for CDs, or the Libby and BorrowBox apps and others for eAudiobooks.
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