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Bookings for conferences and talks


Unfortunately, I won't be doing any in-person school visits for a while owing to my huband's illness.
However I'm also delighted to do Zoom, Google or other online talks about my books, or to give worksips on creative writing, essay writing and persuasive writing. These talks are charged at the standard Australian Society of Author's recommended fee of AUD $350 an hour.T
hese can also be recorded for later use by your students, as long as it's only used for your school. To enquire further, please contact
If you have publicity or media enquiries, please get in touch with Emma Holifield at
I'm unable to take on more mentoring just now, or assess manuscripts, but can recommend professional agencies which can help with this.
Audio editions and library loans
Audio editions are handled by Harper Collins and sublicensed to other publishers. I'm sorry  but  I'm unable to help with these as I don't know what had been published as audio books, nor whether they are in stock. The Harper Collins web (add link) is the place to go for this, as the web site will tell you what editions are available, including audio books.
Library Copies

I'm sorry, but am unable to help when there are not enough copies held in libraries for class use. I don't have any knowledge of library collections, and can't help find enough library books for a class to borrow. I know the lack of copies to borrow is a major problem, but it's not one I can solve.

E Books and other editions

Apologies, but I dont know of a way for an ebook copy to be shared by a class or more. Harper Collins may be able to help with this. I'm not involved in the various editions of my books, and so can't help find rare editions or out of print books, or different ways ebooks might be used.

I'm so sorry - I wish i could help with these, but they aren't areas where authors are normally involved unless their work is self published.

Contact harper Collins at


If you need to get in touch with me directly, please email


I may take a few weeks to reply to mail. Please send any mail to 


Jackie French

PO Box 63

Braidwood NSW 2622

For urgent enquiries, you may also contact Harper Collins during Business Hours:


Harper Collins Publishers
PO Box A565
Sydney South 1235

02 99525000

Questions for School Projects

Hopefully all the questions are answered on the special section on the web site.

If there’s another question you really need an answer to, send it to Jackie French care of Harper Collins Publishers, PO Box A565 Sydney South 1235.

It may take a couple of weeks for me to receive the letter, and another few weeks at least before it can be answered.


Help with Stories and Unpublished Manuscripts: I’m sorry: if you need an idea for your story you badly need to think of it yourself. Help from me would mean that you don’t develop the brain ‘muscles’ that will make you a better writer.

I can’t help edit your story either, partly because I am a writer, not an editor, but also because there aren’t enough hours in the day to fit it in.

Nor can I help get your book published. Again, I’m a writer, not an editor, and have neither the talent nor expertise to judge ho successful a book might be. No book I have ever recommended to a publisher has ever been accepted. I don’t even know the process these days to get your manuscript assessed or read by a publishing house. Many publishing houses like Harper Collins have a place on their web site where you can submit manuscripts, but I have never used them, nor know how it’s done. Try publisher web sites, and also your local Writer’ Centre, who will have lists of what publishers are looking for various genres, and can also recommend workshops of editing, re writing and publishing.

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