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A Wombat Named Bosco

Darren saw it first, then Pete and by the afternoon everyone could see it, too. Everyone, that is, except Mr Hanley. At first, Pete thought the large furry brown animal was a big dog. But when he looked closely, it looked more like a giant wombat.


And it was! A wombat named Bosco. Bosco isn't like other wombats; he knows how to act like a hen laying an egg, gallop like a Mongolian horse and pirouette like a ballerina - and most importantly, Bosco knows when he's needed. Genevieve is someone who needs help and Bosco may be her only hope. But helping Genevieve in hospital may be too hard even for a miracle-working wombat. Can a little wombat-magic from Bosco make things right? 

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