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Making money from your garden

Over a hundred ways in which you can make money from your garden.....

This is abook about how to make money at home - either small amounts of extra cash, or in some cases, enough to live on. It is also a book about looking at the world a little differently.

This morning I read of a Tahitian child's incomprehension when told about French unemployment. 'Why don't they just go fishing?' she asked.

Of course, the answer is obvious ... or is it?

As a culture we have lost out traditrional 'fishing grounds'. Not just the rivers of fish, but in most cases the land to cultivate, the bush to forage in. But most of all we have lost both the knowledge of HOW to forage and the confidence to believe that we can.

No, I'm not talking here about traditional foraging but foraging the cities and the countryside in which we live.

Because foraging IS still possible - we are just not taught where to look. But even more, we are not taught that we CAN look.

Most of us today live prepackaged lives - our houses are designed and built by someone else, our entertainment and information is predigested on TV; our education is designed by people we have never met and, for most of us, the way we earn our living is designed and organised by someone else as well.

You don't have to 'have a job' ie be a traditional employee, to make money. (The few years when I was a traditonal employee were perhaps the worst of my life). Of course, it is easier if more boring (I show my prejudices here) to do work that has been arranged by someone else, and just pick up the pay cheque... but it is also possible to work out new ways of making a living ... niches that no one is yet filling.

So. .. this is why I've written this book. On one level it will give you a thousand odd ways to make money ... but on the other hand (I hope) it will also expand your ideas of what is possible.


What this book will do: this is a book of ideas and, hopefully, at least one will send you enthusiastically wanting to delve into it further.

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