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Animal Rescue Series

gorilla grab
Tiger Tangle
Shark Attack
Elephant Alert

Mozz is a genius. She  calls herself after the world’s most deadly creature (the mosquito) and made a faster than sound rocket out of recycled plastic bottles for her year 4 science project. To help her save endangered creatures around the world.

But when the elephants refuse to move from the beach as a tsunami approaches, Mozz needs help. Leo is a wimp- but he can talk to animals. Can he and Mozz save the elephants before the tsunami arrives? Can Charlie keep pretending to be a robot gorilla? Will the rock star’s pet tiger ever be free? 

Find out in the hilarious but moving adventures of Mozz, Leo and the Skytiger. Although each book is fiction, the comprehensive notes at the back  tell of the real plight of the endangered animals in the books.

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