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Stories to Eat with a Mandarin

A full length Phredde book! (And even funnier than all the others).

This hilarious adventure about a Phaery named Phredde (and Pru and Bruce) contains:

6,782 fairies (Sorry! Phaeries!)

1 werewolf

2 trolls

731 vampire bats

24 giant blood sucking mosquitoes

3 little pigs (well, great fat hogs actually)

1 bogeyman (sorry, bogeyperson)

A big bad wolf (a bit covered in yuck)

A soooo cute bunny rabbit

An invasion of flesh eating ghouls

A plumber called Dwayne

As few handsome princes as possible

Plus a special guest appearance by Snow White and the seven quite short computer software engineers...

... And a visit to Phaeryland which isn't as safe as Pru and Phredde and Bruce expect!


P.S. And if a sweet little old Phaery ever asks you to come in and have a nibble of her lamington cottage... DON'T GO!

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