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Facing the Flame

The seventh instalment in the critically acclaimed and much loved Matilda Saga


There have been fires before, but not like this.


Heartbreaking and powerful, Facing the Flame is a story of the triumph of courage and community, and a love for the land so deep that not even bushfire can erode it.

Gibber's Creek, 1978


As grass dries and the hot wind howls, Gibber's Creek will burn.


But if you love your country, you will fight for it. Lu Borgino has been recently blinded, but she battles flames to save a racehorse, even though her dreams of being Australia's first professional female jockey have been destroyed.


Scarlett O'Hara risks her hard-won life at medical school, and the new love of Alex Romanov, to save a child.


Flinty McAlpine draws on the local knowledge of tens of thousands of years to protect her valley.


And Jed Kelly must escape not just bushfire, but the man who plots to kill her with its power.

Praise For Facing the Flame:
'The perfect read for anyone who loves immersing themselves in Australian fiction. Gripping, emotional and moving, Facing the Flame is a great book to curl up with on a warm spring night.'
- New Idea
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