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1929: Jazz, parties and an endlessly rising stockmarket. but an insignificant politician called Adolf Hitler plans blackmail - and even murder - to snare Miss Lily, her espionage network - and the British royal family.


Hannelore, Princess of Arneburg, and one of Miss Lily's ex-students in the art of 'lovely ladies' has convinced the Prince of Wales to send Sophie, Nigel - and Miss Lily - to 'check out this Hitler chap', the man Hannelore believes can save Europe from another war.


But despite a 'softening' visit to a fairytale castle beforehand, this venture risks scandal for Sophie and Nigel, as well the destruction of the spy networks Nigel, Lily, and spy master James Lorrimer have built up.


And 'John', the war-torn man Sophie loved in Australia has returned, as has Violette, brought up by the female resistance members of La Dame Blanche and intent on killing the woman she believes betrayed them.

Reviews for The Lily in the snow:

'The Lily in the Snow is a gripping tale of espionage, love and war. In Sophie and Nigel’s quest to investigate Hitler, French has written a story that is a perfect blend of fiction and historical fact, with vivid snapshots of the beautiful English countryside and decadent, dangerous Germany. French’s scene-setting is faultless...'

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