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Miss Lily's Lovely Ladies

The Great War is over, but is there truly peace? And what of Miss Lily? Can she ever return?

Sophie Higgs, heiress to an Australian cattle empire and graduate of the mysterious Miss Lily's 'school' of charm and intrigue, must find a way across war-battered Europe to rescue her friend Hannelore, the Prinzessin VonArneburg, from Munich revolutionaries.


But in this new world, nothing is clear, in politics or in love.

Even as Sophie carves out an empire larger than her father's, she is torn between her complex love for Nigel, the Earl of Shillings; the impossibilities of marriage with Dolphie, German aristocrat and patriot, and the mysterious 'John' who camps on her Australian property to carve a cross for every man he sent to death in the trenches.

In this sequel to Miss Lily's Lovely Ladies, Sophie draws us further into this intriguing and romantic story filled with unforgettable characters - from the Prince of Wales to the valiant army of women who helped win a war and then were forgotten.


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