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The Secret Beach

Margaret still seemed far away. 'I don't know,' she said. 'If the sea pulls you close to it on moonlit nights... if you can hear songs in the waves and the wind...'

'I can!' cried Emily. 'I do!'

Emily is drawn to this beach, with its sudden roaring tides and sharp rocky headland. She can escape there and forget that her mother has left her with a father she has never known. It is on the beach that Emily meets Margaret and believes she has found a friend. But who is Margaret? Is she really a mermaid, or simply a madwoman to be ignored as the locals say? What does Margaret's story hold for Emily? to discover herself Emily will have to make a choice and find out that courage has different meanings...​

Some notes on the book:

A book about a women who lived with mermaids for ten years... and a girl who is tired of being human. I've never seen a mermaid- but I used to spend days wandering along the beach by myself trying to hear them sing above the waves. (When I was younger I lived on an island off the Queensland coast for a while. There was a pet dingo and emus who dashed into the school yard to pinch our lunches.)


CBC Notable Book

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