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The Shaggy Gully Times

Welcome, readers, to The Shaggy Gully Times, the punniest newspaper you'll ever read

Look! Up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a wombat, a sheep and a dancing kangaroo - and they're on the front page of the Shaggy Gully times! the small bush town of Shaggy Gully is home to many animals, including local celebrities Mothball, Pete and Josephine. Pete the Sheep runs a successful hairdressing salon and Josephine is a renowned ballerina. Mothball is editor of the weekly newspaper, the Shaggy Gully times. She also can't spell. This week's edition is jam-packed with exciting news of how a small town comes together to rescue some unfortunately animals from Mr Nasty's zoo. How did the rescue take place and will the newcomer animals fit into life in Shaggy Gully?

Notes on the book:

It all started a few years ago when Bruce and Jackie were down in Shaggy Gully, following up the rumour that internationally acclaimed prima ballerina Josephine was really a kangaroo. (A likely tail/tale!)


Jackie was just s/boiling the d/billy by Shaggy Gully Creek when Bruce pulled over a b/log for them to sit on...


And there under the log was an old tin can, tied up with baling twine. And inside the can was a yellowed newspaper. the last known copy of the once bestselling Snaggy Gully Times.


Jackie brushed off the spiders and Bruce deciphered all the mouldy bits - well, mostly, anyhow. And now everyone can read all about it!

Will Sm/ellie the elephant and her friends escape Mr Nasty's Big City Poo? How about the mysterious blonde up the three bears b/gum tree? And what terrible accident happened to the Shabby Guppy Swimming Drool? Find All the News That's Fit to Stink, in this celebration of that old fashioned country newspaper, the Daggy Gunky Limes!

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