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Dear Fellow Dyslexics,

This letter is to  somone who can change the world.

That person’s you.

I know the world can change. I’ve seen it done.

I wish I could say it will be easy. It won't.

I iwsh I could say that school will be easy. It probably wont.


But I can promise that this is probably the worst it’s going to get. I can also promise that there are people who can teach you to read and write as easily as I now can. (I still cant spell, or notice typos, but my computer can. It can't write books though.)

The first person who tries to help may not know how to. They may even make things worse, and make you think you’re dumb. (Your’re not).


You may have to try two or three or even flour times till you find the right people to teach you. Just don’t give up. Please.


Because reading is magic. Reading can change your life. Reading helps you understand your world, yourself and what you and the world one day may become.


You are important too. Some people say dyslexics are more intelligent. I don’t know if that’s true. But if you’re dyslexic you have two choices: you can give up, or be determined, learn to focus, learn to work. Because we’ve had to do that, dyslexics who don’t give up tend to be very, very good at what we do. Talent is common. Genois is talent plus  determination. There’s a good chance you’re going to have that.


Dyslexics also know what it’s like to be different. That icompassion you learn from that is perhaps the greatest wealth anyone can have.


Don’t give up. You’ll get there. Don’t ket people shove you into being artists either, just because yiou’re better at art that reading when you’re are ten. You’re going to be great at MANY things. It’ll just take time to get there.


Keep at it. Because one day you’re going to soar.





My Red Letter
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