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The Little Book of Big Questions

A book that tries to answer all the big questions about life, death and the universe - a mixture of science and philosophy put in simple terms that 10- to 12-year-olds can understand.

When did the Universe begin?

What happens when you die?

Is time travel possible?

Do aliens exist?

Why isn't life fair?

What killed the dinosaurs?

What is a person?

Jackie French has been puzzling over the BIG questions all her life. In this book she's put down her answers so far. What do you think?

Notes on the book

This book tackles the BIG questions - for kids, but adults too.. Why isn't life fair? What happens when you die? What killed the dinosaurs (it may not be what you think)? Do aliens exist? Are humans more intelligent than animals?

I wish someone could have written this book thirty five years ago, so I could have read it then.

When I was twelve I wrote to the Professor of Physics at Uni of Queensland asking what was the difference between living and non-living material. He couldn't answer and passed it onto the Professor of Philosophy - both wrote back to me with long lists of possible books on the subject, none of which our school or local library had heard of...

And thirty odd years later I still haven't got a satisfactory answer.

This book gives answers... but it also inspires kids to think of more questions.... and more answers.... because none of the answers in this book are 'final' ones. Maybe one of the kids reading this book will find a totally different answer in twenty, thirty or fifty years time...

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