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'This is a book that begs to be read aloud with much verve; everyone is onto the big phlegmatic fellow... He eats, he snacks, he gets tired, he looks for a place to sleep...he plods along... Then there is serendipity—a marvellous find with a wonderful spin-off—just perfect for a by-now very sleepy Dippy.

Dippy is a delightful character, his story is charming, the text is engaging. 'Dippy's Big Day Out' is bound to be very popular with little readers.'

Magpies May Edition Vol. 34

Dippy's Big Day Out

Illustrated by Bruce Whatley

The setting is Australia, 100,000 years ago, where a VERY LARGE wombat is seen sleeping and most probably scratching, as well.

This is where it all began.

Dippy is a sweet, gentle wombat who lived many many thousands of years ago.

He also happens to be a BIG wombat, one the size of a mini bus; a diprotodon from 100,000 years ago, and his friends include dinosaurs , thylacines, and other megafauna.

All Dippy wants is to discover a place to sleep where his snoring won't disturb his friends, plus delicious food to eat.

But where will he find them?

This is a story of hilarious prehistoric mayhem and triumph, set in the world of Australian megafauna.

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