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Adult Fiction

Standalone titles

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From bestselling author Jackie French comes a book about the secrets we carry, those that we unearth - and those that are too dangerous to tell.

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In this magnificent and broad-sweeping saga, Jackie French defies the myth of colonial women as 'merely' wives, servants or whores. Instead portraying them as business women, farmers, bushrangers and brewers of illegal poteen, as well as arbiters of their destiny.

From bestselling author Jackie French comes the story of one woman's journey from the hell of Waterloo to colonial Australia, where she can forge her own dreams in a land of many nations.

A tale of love, espionage and passionate heroism. Inspired by true stories, this is the take on how the ‘lovely ladies’ won a war, the first in a new series that explores the changing concept of what it means to be a woman.

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The story of our country, and a love song to our land, told by the strong women who forged a nation

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