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Save Trove

Trove is the National Library's online data base. It gives us the past, stretching back from yesterday. It gives us the future, too. 70,000 people access it each day, of which I am often one, but repeated budget cuts may mean it can no longer be maintained. Pol Pot killed the intellectuals, the teachers, the writers. Dictators feel safest destroying those who may think, and those who give us the tools to think. Australia's tragedy is that we have no dictators, and yet we are slowly, steadily, losing the thinking jobs, and the ones that teach others to think, too. Trove may be lost for the same reason teacher librarian positions are lost in our schools, or kids who cannot read are passed over

The Stories Women Tell

Grandma, Mum and a baby, Great Grandma and Great Great Aunt Nin or possibly Great Great Aunt Emily This month is Women's History Month: but for me history began with the stories of my mother, grandmother, great grandma, great great aunt Nin, who's fiance died in the Boer war. Grandma remembered the stories told to her my her grandmother; and she passed on the ones from hers, so even as a three year old I had women's history passed down to me from the 1780's. Some was unimportant, like how to keep chooks in the early colony, and the poems or hymns they sang…what am I saying? Deeply important, as it was a heritage of how people lived and loved and thought, like my many times great Grandmother

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