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Nibbling Your Way Through the Holidays

The holidays are a time for nibbling. Everyone is on different timetables. Kids sleep in or wake at 5 am. Breakfast can last for three hours and morph into lunch. Our holidays are often one ‘proper’ meal, with everyone sitting at the table for two courses. The rest of the time people nibble. Main meal leftovers are excellent nibble material: add holiday meats to lettuce, pistachios, pine nuts or cashews for crunch, or small cubes of baked bread with, perhaps, chunks of mango and peach or thinly sliced early apple. The recipes below can be served from 5 am through to, well, 5 am. I try to have savoury, sweet, raw and cooked all available, stored in small containers so that any left over after

Holiday Blog: Alternatives to the Plastic Christmas Tree

Alternatives to the Plastic Christmas Trees Photo found online (source unkown) Tired of the old green and shaggy but don’t want to go fake and plastic? Try an Aussie Christmas tree instead! New South Wales Christmas Bush From Wikimedia Commons (unattributed) This comes with its own home-grown red baubles, though the brilliant red 'flowers' are made up not of petals but calyces. These are actually the sepals that initially made the bud that protected the developing flowers. As the tree sets fruit after flowering, the sepals enlarge and start to colour up until they are a bright pink to red. The real flowers will have arrived about eight weeks earlier in spring and are small and white, not red

Holiday Blog: Drought Christmas

I wrote this almost forty years ago, in the late 70’s, during a drought that went on until 1983. I lived in a shed at the time; read by candlelight and rose with the sun. It sounds like a hard time, but it was the happiest I had ever known, a community that shared hardships as well as tomatoes. We had music evenings every full moon - you didn’t even need candles, just the firelight and the glow of the moon. And we had Christmas together, like the one below. Drought Christmas Santa rides round the corner on a horse that's been fed on dust and blackberries for the past four years. It was white once. Now it's the colour of the paddocks. It noses the roses on the fence. Dorothy Perkins roses, a

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