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Has anyone seen my carrots?

Has anyone seen my carrots? Excuse me. I need a scratch. Ah, much better. Jackie has vanished to Adelaide, Somerset, Sydney and Perth, leaving me her computer AND NO CARROTS. This is not acceptable. Yours, non-respectfully, Wild Whiskers (I wish I could find that itch) Awards Third Witch, Koala Bare (with Matt Shanks) and Millie Loves Ants (with Sue DeGennaro) have been made Notable Books by the wonderful Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA). Thank you! New Books The Lily and the Rose Age range: 14+ World War I is over, but can there ever truly be peace? Sophie Higgs, Australian heiress, faces the revolutionary turmoil of Europe to rescue her fellow student, Hannelore, the Prinzessen

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