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Wonderful visit to Blackheath Public School

Four hours talk without stopping at Blackheath Public School with other local schools too and it was WONDERFUL. Fantastic kids, brilliant questions, inspired teachers giving their kids the richness of Australian books. And everyone, it seems, from teachers to taxi drivers asking about The Unproductivity Commission. "How can they do that? Is Malcolm Turnbull going to destroy all we have spent decades working for, a rich and productive children's literature?" Some of us even remembered the days when an Australian had to head overseas to make a living as a writer. And now they want to rip our industry away again. I thought, deep in my valley, that most of the public neither knew nor cared. But

The Moral Omnivore - Why I eat meat

I don’t feel guilty killing (some, and a very very few) chooks to eat. I do feel guilty eating a battery hen or other animals killed in a slaughterhouse. I am a moral omnivore. I try to only eat meat that is an essential part of the ecosystem, like my backyard orchard fed chooks, or that are feral, like the goats that are turning the rainforest gullies here into orange eroded clay desert, and their numbers desperately need to be reduced. If they have to be killed- and there is too much meat for the foxes, goannas, eagles and other meat eaters that share this land with me- then I’ll eat some of the meat too, instead of letting it rot so badly it may pollute the ground or water system . In b

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