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October 2020: Full of Small Delights for hard Times

‘Isn’t it a lovely day,’ said Bryan, and we both blinked at each other. It is a lovely day. Half the bush is so weighted with wonga flowers and clematis that the world patch worked green and white. And I mean GREEN green, 100 shades of green. Robyn’s cattle look like they’ve been painted black and fat and glossy on green grass and the wombat are similarly tubby — stroppier. It’s been over a year since either of us said ‘isn’t it a lovely day.’ Drought, then bushfires, then winter, (which was actually quite a good winter as southern tableland winters go, good rain, no pipes froze. But no one says ‘isn’t the weather lovely in a Braidwood winter). But spring? Magic. This is the time to remembe

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