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March 2017: Cooks, Books and Chooks

Okay, where to begin … (she takes a deep breath): One book written since the last newsletter — Matilda Book 7: A Land of Love and Flame, aanother sent to the printer after last-minute revisions, then absolute last-minute revisions and then we-are-sending-it-to-the-printer-in-two-hours revisions — Miss Lily’s Lovely Ladies (Book 1), for all who love the Matildas, and lastly Millie Loves Ants, the most gorgeous picture book with Sue deGennaro that had its beginning when Sue and her daughters visited us here and I explained how I’d once had a job as an echidna-milker (will tell you that story in April when the book comes out). Add a visit from family with much playing of ‘chase the wolf about t

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